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How it all started

I was born in Belgium and grew up in a small village. My granddad and grandmother had a farm where everything was possible. I had a lot of fun driving with an old green “John Deere”, but whenever I felt like it I started drawing.

A few years ago I moved to The Netherlands for my wife. I was a truck driver at the time, made long days and I wasn't happy. I chose to follow a study in health care, where I was working with young adults that had small mental issues.

BOOM corona happened and all of a sudden I had a lot of spare time. So I started painting and drawing again, my first painting went off to Italy and it really gave me a boost. Now we are 1 year later and I sold more than 120 artworks and shipped them all around the world, it makes me very happy! My score on the auction site is 100%. I have a lot of reviews and happy customers. Sometimes I get fanmail from customers or they send me a DM on Instagram (@absurd.artwork), which is really nice.

They often ask me why do you create these kind of artworks?

Most of the time I tell them I just gotta do what I have to do! Which is making people happy and put a smile on someones face!

Have fun, be loved and stay safe!

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